Human Capital Management Solutions

OnBase maximizes your employees’ abilities to perform administrative tasks, access information and kick off HR approval processes.

Start with the solutions you need right now, like electronically storing and retrieving documents, and leverage them across the department as time, budget and goals permit.

Once you start optimizing processes, extend your OnBase solution to automate other essential tasks like policy and procedure sign-offs and employee onboarding.

Typical Solutions

Streamline HR processes and transform employee service levels

“With OnBase, we know employees review the latest version of procedures.
OnBase assures us they’re working with the most up-to-date information to perform their jobs.”

– Tamera Koegler-Vaughan, process manager, information systems, Gallatin Steel Company

Solution Benefits

Helping HR manage the employee lifecycle with HCM Software

Our Onbase solutions maximizes employees’ abilities to perform administrative tasks, access information and kick off HR approval processes.

Start with the solutions you need right now, like the ability to electronically store and retrieve documents, and leverage them across your department as time, budget and goals permit. Once you start optimizing processes, extend the solution to automate other essential tasks like policy and procedure sign-offs and employee onboarding.

Connects with human capital management (HCM) systems, speeding up processes

OnBase integrates with organization’s human capital management (HCM) systems, allowing HR staff to retrieve employee documents and data without leaving their familiar interface.

By offering instant access to information via HCM software applications, OnBase:
  • Minimizes user training requirements
  • Enables HR to provide better service by rapidly responding to employee requests
  • Allows personnel to focus on high-value initiatives like employee retention and professional development

Eliminates forms and creates transparent, faster processes

Managing employees is vital to the success of any company. OnBase helps organizations achieve their goals by automating tasks and providing a central place to track key human resources processes like evaluations, vacation requests and forms-based tasks.

With OnBase, you replace manual processing, automate routing and track approvals so HR management is seamless, secure and fast.