Business Process Outsourcing

To serve the needs of document processing service providers and BPOs, our solution offers one platform for handling everything from document capture and recognition to complex data extraction and process automation. Unrivaled classification technologies and scalability enable providers to offer powerful end-to-end business solutions that increase customers’ efficiency and improve their bottom lines.

Usage Scenarios

Data Capture

Capture, classify, extract, verify and deliver data from any kind of business document.

  • Improves productivity through elimination of manual tasks
  • Reduces scanning time and costs of storage and shipping
  • Speeds document delivery through digital mailroom classification
  • Improves compliance and risk management through real-time monitoring and tracking.

Document Capture

Scan, convert, verify, index and export searchable PDFs and Office formats to backend business systems.

  • Unrivaled processing power provides a sharper competitive edge
  • Ensures the highest quality output even in high-volume processing environments
  • Supports industry standard document output for records management and archiving
  • Offers 24/7 conversion for time-critical client tasks.

From paper to business process. Capture. Elevate. Understand.

Our solution offers one platform for handling everything from document capture and recognition to complex data extraction and process automation.

Solution Benefits

Our solution helps elevate and extend service offerings, improves revenue streams, reduce operational costs, challenge competitors and increase market share. Perfect for Document Processing Service Providers (DPSPs) who focus on a single business need or Business Process Outsource providers who support end-to-end business processes, our solutions enable both to act as seamless extensions of their clients’ operations.

It enables DPSPs and BPOs to:

  • Standardize multiple business processes on a single software platform
  • Achieve “round-the-clock” automated processing
  • Increase operational efficiency and automate according to business rules, reducing the need for human intervention
  • Increase the quality and accuracy of data through the best recognition technologies in the industry
  • Future proof investments with highly scalable solutions that provide access to new technology as it arrives
  • Seamlessly integrate ABBYY technology with existing workflow through open platforms and process components.