Solutions that Streamline Business Processes

Document capture solutions are based on ABBYY technologies and platforms for document recognition, data capture and language processing. They enable small, medium and large organizations to manage their document-driven business processes more efficiently and productively.


Banking and Finance

Streamlines document-driven processes with enterprise data capture that can help win new business, meet client needs better, improve customer service and address compliance issues.


Colleges, universities and research institutions can leverage affordable and effective solutions from ABBYY to improve their academic and administrative processes.

Global Trade and Logistics

Enable more efficient operations and faster transactions with automatic processing and archiving of shipping documents.


ABBYY solutions help government organizations achieve the highest levels of security, reliability, scalability and efficiency by automating document-driven business processes and eliminating manual labor.


Deliver services faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively with solutions that automate the processing of insurance-related documents.


ABBYY’s versatile offerings are ideally suited to service-based businesses — from small scanning service providers to enterprise-level business process outsourcers.


ABBYY solutions for healthcare streamline paper-based business processes and enable organizations to reduce costs and improve their quality of service.


ABBYY solutions for construction help to increase both efficiency and accuracy, the automated business process increase the quality of work.