ID Card Solution | Identity Documents Recognition

In order to carry out various operations, everyday many people show their passports, ID cards, and other identity documents. Different language, formats and layouts…Problems from manual processing:

  • So slow, that there are queues of customers?

  • Forces you hire new operators?

  • Entails a lot of typing mistakes?

  • Does not allow to boost sales?

  • Is a bottleneck of your operations?

Automated processing: Fast, Innovative, Profitable



Key Features

  • High Recognition Accuracy

  • Fast Processing Speed

  • Multiple Data Export Formats

  • Easy Deployment & Maintenance

  • Scalable & Customizable solution


The ID Recognition is the ideal solution for

  • Access and visitors control

  • Hotel reception’s desks

  • Cruise and airlines check in desks

  • Banks and cheque cashers

  • Hospital & clinic reception’s desks

Case Study

Identity Capture Solution – Successful Applications

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