Your Document Consultant


Our solutions are able to capture any data from any type of documents from any physical or virtual location and automatically classify your documents.


Our Document Management System offers you the below powerful features & benefits:

  • Powerful and very user-friendly user interface
  • Convenience in your business process
  • Seemless integration with all your applications
  • OCR & Barcode features
  • Advance searching
  • Paper digitalization
  • Version controlling
  • Secure access methods
  • Documents to go
  • Auto document migration


We offer one of the most flexible and comprehensive ECM products. It empowers users to grow their solutions as needs change and business evolves. It is tailored for departments, but comprehensive for the enterprise, designed to give you what you need today and evolve with you over time.


Our solutions bring you higher productivity and efficiency in your business operations by optimizing and improving your business processes. Every organization that has Sales, Accounting, Finance, HR, Inventory or Logistics Departments can have many areas for improvement.

We offer business process automations including but not limited to the list below:

  • Accounts Payable Automation / Invoice Processing
  • Contract Approval
  • Insurance Claims Automation