Solution Highlights

In the digital age, the faster you can get the true and creditable information, the faster you can make decisions. That’s why credential verification is so important.

Using decentralized, distributed ledger technology that lets users control and update information, blockchain offers a new public infrastructure for verifying credentials in a manner far more durable, secure, and convenient than relying upon a single authority. Blockchain also enables anyone to own their digital assets (including credentials) for life through properties of redundancy and immutability. Anyone can verify those assets instantly, without any special software.

In response to the desire for high-stakes credentials in a digital format, content services platform provider Hyland launched Hyland Credentials, a complete system to issue official records using a blockchain-anchored format that is instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.

Benefits Highlights

Eliminate workflow bottlenecks

No need to rely on human verification or grooming of document data

Easy to share the credentials

Ensure the authenticity of the information users share with individuals or other companies

Establish digital trust

Each document is ensured at the highest security, as it can be instantly verified whether the document has been tampered, whether it was actually issued by claimed authority and current status of documents.

Key Features Highlights

Blockchain has the following features:

  • Lifelong vendor-independent verification
    Rather than querying a vendor or government database, which could be hacked or taken down, a global blockchain can directly determine whether a credential is valid.

  • High Digital Document Security
    By using blockchain technology, creditability of that document is assured. It can quickly verify whether the document has been tampered, whether it was actually issued by claimed authority and current status of documents.

Some solution in the market like Hyland Credentials can do far more than above

  • Simplified Verification
    Rather than replying upon a bureaucratic process, Hyland Credentials allows relying parties to embed the open-source verification into their digital systems. It can be done by simplify scanning a QR code.

  • International Portability and Verifiability

    Hyland Credentials utilizes the high level of security and standardized digital format, so each document can be shared anywhere in the world for free and instant verification.


Blockchain technology can be applied to any industry that require issuing credentials.
Below are some of the examples

Diplomas, transcripts, examinations record, and badges all contribute to a lifelong record of learning and achievement.

Issue professional credentials in a digital format that people can hold and share directly when needed.

Credentials have your custom branding, metadata, and verification by QR code to facilitate screening and movement across institutions and borders.

Digital licenses & certificates, identity documents, and other government records that build opportunity-driven mobility for citizens.

Issue health records in a digital format that physicians, patients, and others can share and verify anywhere.