Crafting a seamless customer experience is essential today. Companies are still slow in adopting the use of technology to provide a smooth experience. ABBYY Mobile Web Capture is a JavaScript based solution that can be embedded into your on-boarding processes to automatically capture any document using a mobile camera within a webpage. Just point your device’s camera at a document and Mobile Web Capture does all the work – no clicks or adjustments required. It is a frictionless process that helps to provide the best possible quality images to turn into business ready data.

Key benefits

improve customer onboarding

Enhance the customer experience

Improve customer interactions by minimizing the effort required to manually capture and deliver data to on-boarding processes.

web-based capture solution

Eliminate custom development

Easily integrate a pre-built, comprehensive, web-based capture solution, reducing mobile application development resources.

automatic mobile capture

Speed the capture of customer information

Automatically capture identification, proof of residence or other relevant documents accurately during the registration and account-sign up process within the customer onboarding journey.

seamless customer experience with ABBYY

Gain a competitive advantage

Provide your customers with a seamless customer experience within their onboarding journey while saving development resources, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Seamless Onboarding with Mobile Web Capture

The demo video demonstrates how easily Mobile Web Capture can automatically capture the image of a document using a mobile web-browser and connects to the back-end system FlexiCapture Cloud to process and extract the data from the images in real-time.

  • Simplify your customer interactions and experiences.

  • Streamline your mobile onboarding processes.

  • Automatically capture images with mobile web-based browser.

  • Connect to a back-end processing solution to extract data from images in real-time.

  • Eliminate the need for mobile development resources.

Selected use cases

Integrating ABBYY’s Mobile Web Capture into your business processes provides your customers with a seamless and accurate way to submit documents.

automated document capture

Accelerating customer on-boarding

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture helps to reduce the abandonment rates within the first stages of the onboarding process, by enabling easy submittal of required customer documents.

Facilitating customer self-service

With ABBYY Mobile Web Capture companies can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by allowing their customers to easily communicate and exchange data to complete transactions in a self-serve environment.

data processing solutions

End-to-end processing of customer data

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture when combined with our AI-enabled cloud or on-premise technologies like ABBYY FlexiCapture, Vantage, and ABBYY Cloud OCR, helps organizations effectively build end-to-end solutions to optimize digital onboarding processes fed by mobile devices.

Automating customer registration

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture allows you to capture and transfer customer registration documents into any corporate system for fast and easy processing by simply using the Web browser on a mobile device.