Global Trade and Logistics Solutions

Even though today’s transportation and logistics industry has globalized and adopted technology for many purposes, it still relies heavily on such paper documents as Bills of Lading, Delivery Receipts, Commercial Invoices and Claims Forms to convey information.  Found at various stages of the supply chain, these documents are typically printed out and then manually keyed in to another electronic system.  Unfortunately, this manual data entry translates into information delays, human errors and hours of redundant labor.

Document Capture & Form Processing Solutions automatically extract business-ready data from paper, facilitating transactions and increasing visibility into business processes.  It also supports Dematerialization to manage all documents, communications, processes, records in One Centralized Platform.  By introducing our solution, organizations automate the capture and movement of documents and extraction of data to simplify logistics processes from end-to-end and remove delays.

Solution Highlights

Document Capture

  • Instantly digitally capture document in various formats
  • Automatically capture the data from documents
  • Deliver critical document and data automatically to the right hands at the right time

Single Repository

  • Relate associated documents automatically
  • Associate the document with the data by integrating with line of business applications, such as warehouse inventory management system, customs systems, etc.


  • Check the document and data to match and verify the values
  • Automate invoice approval and payment processes
  • Send out the notifications and reminders to designated users


  • Keep an audit trial of every document in the system
  • Retain documents for required period of time to comply with regulations

To Address Market Challenges

  • Complex documentation needs

  • Supply chain complexity

  • Paper-based records

  • Manual processes

  • Extremely competitive pricing pressures

  • Obsolete and disparate IT platforms

  • Compliance with regulations

Automates the extraction of business-ready data from documents for all logistics related companies.

Increase the Efficiency of Document Flows

Accounts Payable

Swift invoice processing for accurate and timely payment of suppliers’ invoices.

Customs Documents

Automatic classification and validation of data from Bill of Lading line items, Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices and more.

Shipping Documents

Fast and highly accurate recognition of shipping instructions, waybills, receipts and orders for identifying cargo.

PODs (Proof of Delivery)

Capture and submission of Delivery Receipts and signed Bills of Lading via mobile phones.

Company Chop Image Verification

Capture the image of company chop and verify the name on company chop is same as that on the Delivery Note.

Technical Documentation on Vehicles

Swift capture, processing and digital archiving of all necessary documents for trucks, trains, ships, airplanes and their components.

Speed transactions and make operations more efficient.

Automates the extraction of business-ready data from documents for shipping companies, customs brokers, terminal operators and more.

Solution Benefits

Shortens the “Last Mile” in Goods Delivery

  • Timely capture of proof of delivery provides transparency and awareness of when goods are delivered, lowering operational costs by up to 28%.
  • Initiates billing processes from delivery persons’ mobile phones through automatic capture of delivery receipts via mobile camera.
  • Provides signed copies of delivery documents in real time along with a shipper or receiver of goods via existing electronic systems.

Speeds Processing of Customs Forms

  • Automatically extracts tariff and product information for every line item in a shipment, saving time and eliminating errors.
  • Exports data from automatically processed documents to electronic systems for filing via the Automated Broker Interface (ABI).
  • Validates captured data against existing databases and business rules to ensure their integrity, enabling operators to focus on dealing with exceptions.

Increases Efficiency of Accounts Payable

  • Streamlines invoice processing in your AP department to improve forecasting, budgeting and grow business without adding headcount.
  • Helps maintain good relationships with suppliers by enabling timely and accurate invoice payment.
  • Captures invoice data with line items; matches them to POs and packing slips for automated validation and payment.

Customer Experience Sharing

With ABBYY FlexiCapture e-docs UK processes 100,000 Proofs of Delivery a week for NFT Distribution.